Future Products

At Almaseer, our primary concern is to bring products to us here in Iraq, which improves our economy and our reputation for service and continuity. There are many products for sale elsewhere in the world, but some are unreliable and do not pay out. We do not want to offer a policy, which we have not properly researched and which will last for more than a year.

Currently, our research and development team and its advisors have 8 new policies under various stages of being launched, with a further 3 planned.

Our initial focus is to support our business community, so we can produce cover for:

Travel Insurance

We have designed a very special travel insurance policy called Extramile, which you will find on www.extramileinsurance.co.uk. It is especially for our people travelling anywhere in the world. We know how vulnerable we feel when we are away from home, so our travel plan is designed to look after you first for whatever support you need.

This scheme will be made available to our agents for sale to you directly, or it will be possible to buy it with your ticket from airlines, shipping firms and so on.

Founded in 2011, Al Maseer Insurance went out on a mission to bring innovation, knowledge and global skills to Iraq through the latest insurance products and risk understanding.


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