Corporate Businesses

Our team is growing in knowledge and strength every day. Corporate businesses, of any type or size, are active in our economy, including construction sub contractors, where we are to give them cover acceptable to the main contractor, plus a special scheme to pay workers compensation following an accident

New classes to Iraq for this firms who give advice known as professional indemnity such as given by Architects, Doctors and so on, and , business increased cost of working cover to pay for costs spent to stay in business after a fire, and also special arrangements for arranging protection for finance exposures such as through performance bonds to ensure finance and contract certainty on a project is confirmed.

We also know about insurance needs to protect the family exposure on cost such as Mortgage loans, Student Loans, Credit Cards , Mobile

phones and so on, as well as Motor insurance. We know about them and we know what needs to be done to make them available to you.

However, we also know that such policies are not easy to give to you, and many fail in their first year because cover and price are not set correctly. We will not launch these products until we are sure they will last. We will tell you when we have them ready.

We are also focused on how we reduce your exposure to a claim, and have some brand new products to launch soon.

Founded in 2011, Al Maseer Insurance went out on a mission to bring innovation, knowledge and global skills to Iraq through the latest insurance products and risk understanding.


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