We are further able to access the experience of a wide range of specialists in the field, including:

Colin Hambling

Colin is a retired Head of Construction
and Liability at Royal Sun Alliance and
currently Head of Risk at Crossrail the
largest construction project in Europe.

Tony Prior

Tony is a valuation expert for
insurance coverages.

Steven Foulsam

Steven is a retired Head of Technical
Matters at the British Insurance Brokers
association in the UK.

Stephen Mooney

Stephen is an insurance consultant and
marketing advisor to major corporates
in the UK and USA.

Ian Jerrum

Ian is the Director of Searchlight Solutions, the
leading UK lecturer on insurance subjects.
“From these close associates, we are
confident that we are able to deal
with any insurance problem faced”.

--Arak Fadhil Hameed Al-Bayati
Chairman and Co-Founder


Founded in 2011, Al Maseer Insurance went out on a mission to bring innovation, knowledge and global skills to Iraq through the latest insurance products and risk understanding.


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